Know the Status

Some one calling you can know your status if your busy / driving or not in a good mood before they call you.

Save Lives

Taking a call while driving is dangerous the person who calls in is also responsible for all bad incident

People all over

Find out status of people all over the world, as well as people in or not in your mobile contact list

Simple Installation and Signup Process

Download the app from the store, install it , provide your image and name so that friends can identify its you. It not only does that but a lot more.

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App notifies your Status automatically

Based on your status you can ask the app to send Free SMS. Any one who calls you get a SMS informing them the cause for not picking up the call. Its like an auto response for your incoming. People not having the app can also get notified.

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Real Time Information

When some one calls you then we show them your status in real time which would help them to take subsequent action. Like you have set a status that says you are sleeping. That means you will not respond to their call which they would feel you are not avoding them. Set a message even without typing.

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Set your Status

Once status is set your friends or any one can know more about you without disturbing you. Like if you are sleeping , reading or driving

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